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Family Sourced Coffee

Our award-winning coffee is sourced by a world renowned coffee producer in Ethiopia. Ahmed Legesse is a third generation coffee producer, he has been awarded several times for being the best coffee producer in Africa, but also recognized as “The Best of the Best” by the rest of the world.

Legesse is also directly related to us here at Biltcoffee, and plays a key role in providing consistent high quality organic Ethiopian coffee. 

Health Benefits of our Coffee

Coffee offers a variety of health benefits, as it is packed with antioxidants producing various anti-inflammatory effects. Most coffee drinkers probably aren’t aware of the side effects of drinking non-organic coffee, and therefore can’t comprehend the negative factors when consuming a cup. It is important to drink organic when choosing your coffee, this is the only way you can benefit from the nutrients it offers. There are various short-term and long-term diseases from the toxins that come from the pesticides used in growing non-organic coffee beans, and they can range from skin rashes and allergic reactions to Parkinson’s disease and several forms of cancer. Studies show that coffee can improve energy levels, physical performance, may help lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, protect you from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, lower your risk of Parkinson’s Disease, can fight depression, and lower certain types of cancer. Coffee is also highly recognized for its essential nutrients, such as Vitamins B2, B5 & B3, as well as manganese and potassium. However, not every cup is created the same. It is beyond important to choose your coffee wisely! The side effects of consuming pesticides from non-organic coffee cancels out the benefits the beans produce, and actually can cause more harm than good.

Better Roasting Quality

 A huge part of what makes coffee special is the roasting process. It is important to note when you should consume coffee after it has finished roasting. The only way to guarantee you receive a fresh cup is to order directly from an online roaster, as the bags of coffee found on the shelf at your typical grocery store have likely been sitting there for weeks, if not for months! Unfortunately, you have no actual way of knowing exactly how long they’ve been there for.

This is because most brands don’t post a “roasted on” date or a “best consumed by” label. Here at Biltcoffee, we roast beans every week, and immediately ship them out, in most cases- the same day you place your order. This is ideal, as your coffee is delivered straight to your door, perfect timing for when it’s ready to brew, providing a fresh delicious cup every time. 


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